Balikpapan Botanical Garden

Balikpapan Botanical Garden, a part of conservation forest of Wain River, is located in Karang Joang Village, North Balikpapan. Offering people with natural attraction of rain forest ecosystem in East Kalimantan, it functions as a specifically purposive forest with a number of documented collections of plants with a total area of + 309 acres. The future development will be inviting local, regional and international developers to participate in conservation, research, education, tourism and environmental services.

Bangkirai Hills

One fine exotic place to visit during holiday in Balikpapan is Bangkirai hills. It offers tourists with various attractions of typically rainforest wonders and beauty. Being wellknown for its canopy wood bridge as high as 30 metres, Bangkirai hills serves the trully natural beauty of rain forest in East Kalimantan.

Bangkirai Hills covers the area of 1,500 acres with marvelous natural beauty of Bangkirai trees which are approximately 40 to 50 metres in height with a diameter of 2.3 metres and they have been living for at least 150 years. Inside the Bangkirai hills, the rain forest lies among the hills providing visitors with many exploration activities for either educational or touristic purposes. The forest also functions as a conservation to develop rain tropical forest monument

Batu Dinding

Have you been enjoying sunrise at stone wall? It’s the time for you to enjoy the scenic memorable view of sunrise at the stone wall.The stone wall is located in one of villages at Merdeka hills, Samboja, East kalimantan. You will reach the stone wall at km 45 heading from Balikpapan to Samarinda.

Lamaru Beach

At Lamaru beach, you will enjoy authentic coastal cool breeze and tranguil atmosphere due too grown widespread green pine trees. You can lay down on the white sands to feel the sparkling water. Lamaru beach is located in Tritip village , East Balikpapan, around 24 km

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